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Solar Panel Installations and Advisors

Carolina Solar Pros is a new service for homeowners in the Carolinas to take the hassle out of going solar.  We all can agree that if you can generate your own power, why continue paying the power company?

We’ll show you how to make the transition, simple and easy.  Let us do the work on your home, so you can sit back, save money and take your power back when it comes to powering your home.

It wasn’t until recently that it was actually feasible.  Now with the price of generating your own solar energy for your home, and the available tax credits, you can actually save money.

When we learned this, we quickly formed a qualified team to ensure that every citizen had access to cost effective, financially responsible and easy to use solar energy.  We partner with solar provider accross the Carolinas to ensure you are getting not only the best pricing on your panels, but you will be able to have peace of mind when it comes to powering your home for years to come.

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