A New Way to Take Your Power Back. Save Money, Go Solar.

Ever thought about going Solar, but not sure where to start? Learn the easy way to save thousands on your power bill, increase your home value and take your power back. If you're ready to STOP paying THEM, we'll show you how you can easily generate your own power.

Get a Quote for Your Home

If you can answer a few simple questions, this one should be easy.  Once we have some basic info on your home, we’ll run a report to determine the savings.

See How Much You Save

When our local professionals run a report, they will give yo ua ball-park of how much you will save on your monthly energy bill!

Install Your Panels

Once you are ready to roll, we’ll send out our best local installers to insure your panels are 100% Secure and Safe for long term savings.

Save Money, Go Solar!

One your solar system is setup, you are done!  Fully functional, easy to use and secure, your solar panels are there for long term benefits.


Solar Panel installation is an art form.  We craft the perfect solar solution for your home so you can realize all the savings and have peace.

Like the idea of generating your own power, but not sure where to start?  Great.  We educate all of our customers first so you know exactly what you’re getting and how it will benefit you and your family.


Increase Your Home Value as Much as 20%

Granite counter tops.  Hardwood floors.  New cabinets.  All great ways to increase value of your home.  In 2018, solar panels are the new item. Now you can save money on your monthly bill and increase the value of your home instantly through solar panels.  Let us show you how.

Get up to 50% Tax Credit

Right now, there are highly beneficial incentives for going solar.  Many states will offer up to 50% tax credits for the purchase of Solar Panels.  That means you spend less on going solar and you can save money on your energy bill every month!  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Generate Your Own Power

See How Much You Will Save

What Our Customers Say

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“Carolina Solar Pros gave me a fantastic overview for how I could save money by going Solar.  Signing up is the best thing I have done for my home in a while.”

Anna Johnson

Charlotte NC

“As an investor I am always looking for ways to maximize the value of my home.  I had no idea what solar could do.  This is the future, get in ahead of the curve and the benefits are tremendous.”

Eric Black

“I didn’t want solar panels until I realized what it could do.  This is not just about going solar, it’s about common sense! ”

John Collins
Charlotte NC

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